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Our mission at the David L. Fisher Foundation is to provide children with cancer the opportunity to participate in normal childhood activities that otherwise might have been beyond their physical, emotional or financial abilities. With the great help and support of our friends, we have worked over the past 12 years to raise funds towards this mission.  The Foundation is also working to create a community for people desire to enrich their own lives through their direct involvement with these children.

For the past eight years we have been working closely with the One Step At A Time Programs of the Children's Oncology Services of Illinois, Inc. One Step At A Time Programs help children diagnosed with cancer enjoy normal childhood experiences. Their largest program, a summer camp, accepts all children regardless of their degree of illness or financial situation. All of our year programmatic contributions since 1998 have gone to One Step At A Time Programs. 

The David L. Fisher Foundation shares with One Step At A Time Programs a vision to enhance the quality of life and spirits of children who have been diagnosed with cancer.  The Foundation believes this will give the children the courage and strength they need to live their lives to the fullest.

Proceeds raised by the David L. Fisher Foundation are made possible through your generous support. Please consider a contribution to the David L. Fisher Foundation.


Supporting programs for children with cancer.


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